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sailing through the latest and greatest waves of the BL and GL seas; Shippers Rye, Aa, Leif, Karl, Kevin, and VP set sail across the growing conversations on LGBTQ+ content that’s taking over the world!


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Nickname:  Rye, Chonnamae, Bibong Tsubibo
Show: The Shippers
Day job: Freelance Model
Hobbies: drawing gays, drinking wine, playing video games
Why would they play with you?
Play with me kasi sanay na akong mapaglaruan.

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Nickname: A-A-ROoooooN, A, Jaylongganisa, Jayrons
Show: The Shippers
Day job: Employer Branding Head
Hobbies: Crolley-go-go-bashu, mag-pray
Why would they play with you?
I’m a Golden Tiger working a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila and the BL content there is poor and it's very sad - and if I can teach people to be a BL Fan, every mamaru will have smiles on their faces.

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Nickname: Leif
Show: The Shippers, Share Mo Lang?
Day job: All around Millennial
Hobbies: mga sinasabi ko
Why would they play with you?
Kasi magaling ako mag handle ng a gamer ;)

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Nickname: Karl
Show: The Shippers
Day job: sugar baby 
Hobbies: basta extreme sports 
Why would they play with you?
Kasi masaya ako kasama kahit saan 😉

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Nickname: Kevin
Show: The Shippers
Day job: Advertising Executive
Hobbies: Kumain ng tsokolate
Why would they play with you?
Kung gusto mong matalo well ako na ang tamang tao na kasama mo makalaro.

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Nickname: VP, Veeps, Mama Mo
Show: Tsaastrology, The Shippers, and 
Whoa or No

Day job: Creative Lead
Hobbies: Being a triple threat.
Why would they play with you?
Because why wouldn't you?! I'm a fun person with a rousing sense of humor and moms love me.